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The MEAN Stack use the intensity of Mongo, Express, Angular & Node (MEAN) to manufacture intuitive, testable & versatile web & portable applications. Every one of these advances is massively incredible all alone & together they structure an exceptionally ground-breaking Stack. The MEAN Stack course instructs engineers to utilize all pieces of the MEAN Stack together to make useful full-Stack applications. The course starts by establishing a framework in the Node.js stage & utilizing its capacity, at that point moves into single page application improvement with Angular.

What you will learn

  • Angular
  • Node Js
  • Express Js
  • Mongo DB


  • To have basic knowledge on developing web applications.
  • Knowing HTML and CSS web languages.
  • JavaScript, IDE or Text Editor, Command Line Interface (CLI).
  • Server-side development with any programming language.
  • To code a MEAN Stack Application.
  • Developing Single Page Applications (SPAs) via MEAN Stack.
  • Setup routing within Angular & Express.
  • Write Express Back-End Web Services with Express & Node.
  • Employ Express Web Services.


1.This comprehensive curriculum covers more than 15 software development tools and technologies to make your profile stand out as a MEAN stack developer. 2.Learn core computer science concepts 3.This MEAN stack developer program provides extensive training in front-end, middleware, and back-end software development technologies, including testing and quality assurance.

  • Course Duration
  • 24 Hours
  • Skill level
  • PRO
  • Language
  • Assignments
  • Yes