Find the answers for the most frequently asked questions below

1. What is SkillTechLab?

SkillTechLab is a leading online learning platform designed to provide tech-based courses. There are 50,000+ courses that are taught by industry experts on this platform with over 10,000 learners currently.

2. Are SkillTechLab certificates important?

SkillTechLab certificates are shareable and downloadable and can help with building one's resume.

3. Can I do SkillTechLab from a Phone?

SkillTechLab is an online learning platform which can be accessed via a phone.

4. Which online Course app is best?

There are many online course apps available. SkillTechLab is one of the best online learning platforms for tech enthusiasts.

5. How can i Download my certificate from SkillTechLabs

SkillTechLab allows learners to download course completion certificates from the platform. This can be done only after all pertinent assignments and course work is completed.

6. Are Tech certifications important for job prospectus?

Tech certificates are important in today's world which is becoming heavily reliant on the digital space. Having technological competence boosts one's resume no matter the job field.

7. Do I need a laptop for SkillTechLab?

Having a laptop is useful when doing the courses from SkillTechLab. However, other devices like a tablet or phone can also be utilized to access the courses.